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PA's Proven Methodology
Procurement Analytics' analyzes spend data by taking a "deep dive" into the costs charged to companies by suppliers in a variety of category sectors.  Each client assessment is project managed and divided into the five phases that build upon each other to ensure a successful savings result:

Plan Phase
  • Collect Data
  • Identify Options and Quick Wins
  • Present Options to Client
Insight Phase                           
  • Validate 
  • Document and Measure
  • Analyze Data
  • Engage Stakeholders
  • Present Business Case
Design Phase
  • Validate
  • Conduct Detailed Scoping
  • Gather Internal Data
  • Gather External Data
  • Analyze and Develop Approach
Implementation Phase                                     
  • Validate                                            PA Strategies, coupled with our long-term
  • Analyze and Plan                             strong direct manufacturer relationships 
  • Evaluate Supply Base                      and supplier sourcing expertise, will save 
  • Negotiate and Contract                    clients anywhere from 20% - 30% of 
  • Realize                                             identified category spends.
Monitor Phase
  • Measure
  • Improve
  • Capture

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