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"Ethical, diligent, innovative...all adjectives which describe the professional manner in which Procurement Analytics conducted the Plastics Rationalization assignment given to them by Del Labs.  Results...and 18% savings on a $2.7M Spend; one fantastic ROI!"

                                                                                                       Paul Buchbauer, C.P.M.
                                                                                                          VP Purchasing & Outsource Planning, Del Labs
                                                                                                       Former President and Board Member, NAPM-NY
                                                                                                       November 2007

"While working as a key member of my executive team, Robert  Santoli (now president of Procurement Analytics) created a new procurement team from the ground up, focusing on a large area of Spend which had previously not been covered by procurement.  Under Robert's leadership, this team not only had a successful start-up, but exceeded cost savings targets by a large margin, in a compressed time frame.  Further, this was done while increasing service levels to internal stakeholders.  I believe Robert to be an excellent talent and based on my experience, the results he achieved while at InBev are repeatable at other organizations."

Tim Near
Head of Supply Chain

"We have been working with Robert Santoli for the last 12 years.  He is a well organized and energetic company man.  Dedicated, detailed oriented, well spoken and knowledgeable.  Bob has a great creative and analytical mind.  He is open to production and cost savings suggestions to making better end results.  He has handled and successfully completed many projects at one time with quality and met all deadlines.  With the collective years of doing what he does best, he has a great foundation upon which to launch his new endeavor, Procurement Analytics.  Having gainful employment with Fortune 500 companies in strategic positions is a foundation for his success.  He can get to the heart of the problem in wasteful procurement practices in small, medium and large corporations.  It has always been a professional pleasure to work with him."

Frank Cuoco
Chromagraphics Press, Inc.

"In the two years that Robert Santoli was at InBev USA, he came in and analyzed and categorized all Commercial Spend, built an in-house procurement team including all aspects of infrastructure and procedures and then went out and saved us six million bucks.  Robert made some absolutely incredible strides, not only financially, but operationally as well.  There is no question in my mind that Procurement Analytics will be a major success story."

                    Frank Polley
Head of European Marketing

"I have enjoyed a 15-year professional relationship with Robert Santoli, which in today's business climate, is a lifetime.  Through my years of selling POP, Bob was one of the few constants and voices of reason that could always be counted on to make the right decision.  In a business environment where people in his position handle many millions of dollars in budgets, his honesty and integrity were his hallmarks.  Bob is also one of the best motivators of people that I know and leads the pack in breaking down a difficult assignment and making sure everyone's roles are clearly defined to achieve the overall goal.  I believe his years of experience working within the corporate structure and handling these types of projects will serve him well with Procurement Analytics and synergizing corporate buying procedures.  In working over the years with both large and small budget brands, he was able to make a little go a long way.  The best way I can state his attributes are that as long as I have known him he has never backed down from a challenging assignment and when and if a problem arose, he always made me feel like we could work it out as long as we work together.  Bob was always firm but fair, demanding but never demoralizing.  At the end of the day, the results were project savers, not problem makers.  The responsibility was always laid at his doorstep and he made it work out to a successful conclusion.  I look forward to continuing our relationship and helping out in any capacity that he feels works within Procurement Analytic's framework."

 Ray Hand
Senior VP, Sales
Flair Display, NY

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